Bodega La Niña de Cuenca · Ledaña · Cuenca · España
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Winery and Vineyards

La Niña de Cuenca

Founded in 2016 by the López Orozco brothers, Lorenzo and Valentín, in Ledaña, a town located in the province of Cuenca,
employing the vineyards owned by the family for over a hundred years.We harvest the best grapes to create artisan wines,
produced in limited quantities, fermented and aged in earthenware jars.

Our philosophy aims to recover old vines, guaranteeing an environmentally friendly cultivation
in order to return to the roots of more traditional elaborations while exalting the authenticity of the local grape varieties.
Since its foundation, the winery has been conferred the Denominación de Origen Manchuela.


We are from a place where to talk we look each other in the face; where the wounds on our hands are regarded as  ribbons from many fought battles and wrinkles and grey hair are worn with pride, where life passes slowly and the hours are dictated by the sun, where we do not count years. We count vintages.

We are children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of winegrowers who have cultivated vines in these lands since time began. We have grown up in the vineyard, playing with stones and branches. We have come home with stones in our pockets, our fingers chilled to the bone, our faces burnt by the sun.

“Natus Luto”

Born of clay

We rely on the power of the bobal grape variety, tamed by the elegance of the jar to make different, personal, traditional wines of a limited production.

“You may forget our name, or you may not remember the name of our winery but once you taste our wines, you will never forget how they made you feel.”

Winery and Vineyards

“Le savoir faire”

We ferment and age the wine in earthen jars
We take advantage of century-old know-how going back to Roman times.

We are in the Manchuela and we use clay that is typical in this area of Spain,
with its tradition, culture and with its history because we faithfully believe
that the essence of a people are their traditions.