Bodega La Niña de Cuenca | Hacemos Vino | El Origen
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We make wine because…

The Origin

Today we cultivate the vineyards inherited from our parents, we have also acquired our ancestors` wisdom so that we can take care of them and the patience to collect their fruit.Because of this we decided to make wine.

Wine, because we want to discover the flavour of our land and the effort of our work. Wine, because we feel indebted to our ancestors and we have a commitment to the future, because a hundred years ago a man planted a vine branch in the ground and decided that vineyards were to be grown in these lands. The best way to honour him is to make wine.


“Wine is made by those who cultivate the vineyards”

We resuscitated life back into century old vineyards, vines planted before the phylloxera or “del terreno” as they are called here, small plots of land that are traditionally cultivated respecting ecological agriculture.

We have the patience to wait for the optimum moment of grape maturity, with manual, nocturnal harvest we vinify using a traditional method.

Diego Morcillo Fortea


Of Valencian roots and manchego heart, Diego, a former winemaker of Faustino Martinez Group, is involved in several wine-making projects. He manages the technical area of the project where his experience is a guarantee of quality, and his knowledge of local varieties of grapes and materials, such as clay, makes our wines have their own harmony and style.

Valentín Lopez Orozco

Vineyards and Elaboration

Born in Ledaña, where he currently lives, the vineyard is his natural habitat. He grew up surrounded by grapevines and he knows them like the back of his hand.
If he is not in the plantation, you can find him in the winery where, as he himself says, there is always something to keep you busy.

Lorenzo López Orozco


Born in Ledaña, and after living in different cities and carrying out a different profession, he returns to his home town to dedicate himself completely to the wine-making. He loves discovering old vineyards, imagining what type of wine would come from their grapes. He enjoys spreading the Core Values of the Company and promoting the development of the local area through the wine.