Orovelo 2019 - Bodega La Niña de Cuenca
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Orovelo 2019


The first vintage was in 2018. A white wine of the Albilla de Manchuela grape variety, planted in 1940, in the south-eastern geographical location of Cuenca and Albacete (Spain) situated at 750 metres above sea level ecologically cultivated in a dry clay soil.

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This grape variety, different from other Albillos that are cultivated in the rest of Spain due to its smaller grain and very early maturity, has become almost extinct, resulting in its production being limited solely to this area.

Fifteen kilograms boxes are harvested by hand at night. An exhaustive selection of grape bunches is carried out in the cellar, they are then pressed in order to obtain a flower must. The must is then deposited inside new 1000 litre clay pots.
During the fermentation and seven month aging process, daily batonnage takes place so that the finer leed that have been deposited are in constant suspension therefore providing superior volume and smoothness, extracting greater flavour, aroma and texture.

After aging for seven months the wine is then bottled.


With the first sip, she began to whisper, after years of forgetting she had come back to life as an eternal wine, an expression of the memories of the earth that fed her, of the wind that caressed her and of the people that cared for her. Suddenly I realized that she was nothing and everything at the same time.

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1,5 l.